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Product Ingredients

First and foremost our products are straight from the farm to you. There are no big production lines, factories or middle men. Our family milks our goats and hand craft every one of our products here at the farm in our home. We produce small batches at a time so we can produce a very consistent product. We use only the bare minimum of chemicals needed to produce a great product. As you can see on our product labels we only use a tiny amount of a preservative called phenonip. This chemical is an absolute must to prevent any type of bacterial growth in the final product. We've all seen many other products on the market who advertise adding this vitamin, that vitamin, or this and that for soft skin . With our soaps and lotions we do not have to add anything extra for it to be great for your skin. The goats milk we use as a base is so chocked full of vitamins and proteins that no additional vitamins or skin softening ingredients are needed. We really hope you fall in love with these lotions and soaps as much as our family has.